6 of the Best Gifts for Travel Lovers in 2020

Time seems to fly around the holidays. One moment you’re having turkey at Thanksgiving, and in the blink of an eye, you’re watching your family unwrap gifts under the tree.

If you find yourself looking for a last-minute holiday gift, don’t worry—it happens to the best of us. And just because you’re a little behind schedule doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality, either.

Do you have a traveler on that gift list of yours? If so, you’re in luck. Travel just happens to be our specialty.

For travelers, convenience is key. They want something to make travels easier, creative ways to document their journeys, and things that will help enhance their experience of new horizons next year.

Try one of these gifts for the travel fanatics in your life, and make that last-minute gift decision your best one yet.

The Road Trip Candle by Homesick

Remember the last road trip you took? Your favorite song blaring through the speakers, sunlight filtering in through the windows, and a fresh breeze whipping through your hair…there’s nothing quite like it.

Road trips are a favorite for travelers everywhere, whether it’s a weekend trip one state over or a month-long cross-country trek.

While your loved one might not be able to schedule a road trip this winter, the travel lover in your life will get to enjoy vivid images of one with this Road Trip Candle by Homesick.

An intoxicating blend of lime and leather, with top notes of fresh air, cedarwood, amber, and jasmine will magically capture a very specific sense of nostalgia around road trips.

For an added bonus, give them a Homesick candle that captures the scents of their home state, or favorite country to travel to. The France candle, for example, has a delightful blend of vanilla, coffee, butter, lavender, anise, musk, and tobacco.

Virtual Food Classes

2020 has been one of the worst years for travel lovers in our lifetime — especially for foodies.

Don’t let that food fanatic in your life miss out on any more unique and delectable flavors from around the world! Let us book them a virtual cooking class with live lessons on authentic dishes from all over the world.

Who doesn’t love Italian food? We have a vast variety of Italian food courses alone. In our pasta course, for example, they’ll learn how to make 3 of the most popular Italian dishes: Carbonara, Amatriciana, and Pesto with pasta al dente.

Is Vietnamese more their style? Reserve them a spot in the Virtual Vietnamese Cooking Class, which features an entire week’s worth of recipes to choose from. Selections range from fresh spring rolls and homemade peanut sauce to Vietnamese coconut curry and banana fritters.

Cairn Outdoor Subscription Box

For nature lovers, there’s nothing that can get between them and the great outdoors — even a global pandemic. Make sure the nature lover in your life is prepared for their next journey and many to come with a Cairn subscription box.

Cairn subscription boxes come with outdoor gear specially curated to the recipient’s hobbies. If they love to climb, their box might include chalk pouches and protein packs. Bikers might get a new biking hat and a convenient water bottle.

Simply fill out their travel preferences and other details, like whether they have a dog that joins them on their outdoor adventures, and Cairn will come up with the perfect kits to send them.

Next, choose from 1, 6, or 12-month increments, depending on how often your friend goes on outdoor excursions, and let Cairn take care of the rest.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set

A challenge any couple can encounter is running out of date night ideas…especially during quarantine. And dates are important to help any couple feel close.

Give a couple in your life the gift of sweet relief with the Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set.

The set includes a journal with 50 scratch-off date challenges, along with space for a photo and a short comment next to each one. Each challenge will only cost $0-$50, and includes instructions for everything the couple will need for their adventure.

Also included is an Adventure Challenge camera that prints photos on the spot. Before they know it, they’ll have a full scrapbook of memorable moments that brought them closer, and more memories than they can count.

Give the Gift of Adventure

Overland Discovery makes outdoor travel easy and accessible, even during social distancing. With their fully-equipped Colorado-based rental vehicles, you can camp all around Colorado and stay toasty and warm while doing it.

Perhaps your adventurous friend wants to try out the rugged Jeep camper, or maybe they want a taste of van life in a campervan or small RV

Whatever their choice, the vehicle will come fully stocked with necessities like cooking gear, bedding, and a collapsible dining table with chairs.

Grab your friend a gift card to Overland Discovery, and let them choose the adventure of their dreams.

The Ultimate Gift

Vaccinations have started, which means travel can be back to normal by mid-2021!

That means the greatest gift of all — travel itself — is still an option this holiday season. And what better way to return to the life of wanderlust than by taking a luxury cruise?

Comfy beds, excellent service, and adventures in new lands await.

Take a peek at our cruise options, and get the travel enthusiast you love the ultimate gift…an all-inclusive cruise to wherever calls to them! Shop 2021 cruises now >

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