7 Of The Wackiest And Wildest Cruises

What do you picture when you imagine going on a cruise? Walking along warm beaches and indulging in delicious food? Spa days followed by naps by the pool?

One thing’s for sure, you likely haven’t imagined being entertained by live wrestling matches on your next cruise, or seeing hundreds of your fellow cruisers strolling the deck dressed as vampires or Star Trek characters.

The world of cruises is an expansive one, with a niche for just about everyone. Enjoy these 7 unique cruises that will either leave you shocked or pleasantly surprised.

Meow Meow Cruise

An Irish proverb once said, “Beware of people who dislike cats.” Thanks to the Meow Meow Cruise, cat fans can feel safe and surrounded by their kind of people!

The Meow Meow Cruise is a themed cruise catered solely to cat lovers of all ages. While you can’t bring your kitty on board, you can celebrate your love for feline friends in a myriad of adorable ways.

The cruise departs from Miami, Florida and takes you all the way to beautiful Roatán. On your way, you’ll enjoy a variety of cat-themed activities: Meow Meow Trivia, for example, is a fast-paced competition that takes place every night at sea.

The Meow Meow Mixer is a cocktail party with a kitty-themed scavenger hunt to help break the ice. There are plenty of places to stop, explore, and if they’re lucky, see kitties from other countries.


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Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager

In a world where rock and wrestling join forces on one cruise ship, one man rules all: world-renown wrestler/rock star Chris Jericho.

Fans of adrenaline will certainly not be let down on this specialty cruise. This cruise includes highs of all kinds in the form of wrestling matches, guitar solos, and gambling.

The Chris Jericho Rock N Wrestling Rager Cruise kicks off in Miami, Florida. The party keeps going all the way to the Bahamas and back over 5 action-packed days.

Entertainment ranges from live music and wrestling matches featuring Chris Jericho and  other guests from All Elite Wrestling. There are also family game shows like Family Feud, and opportunities to gamble at the onboard casino!

In addition to fellow wrestling fanatics, guests are joined by a special cruise host: comedian Brad Williams and actress, model, and former wrestler Candice Michelle.

Vamps at Sea

Labeled “The Ultimate Fangtasy,” the Vamps at Sea cruise is the perfect combination of spooky and glamorous. This specialty cruise is perfect for fans of vampires and vampire culture.

Passengers set sail guided and entertained by a host who knows vampires all too well: Dacre Stoker. Does the last name sound familiar? Probably because he’s the great grandnephew of the author of the ultra-famous book Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

Naturally, the cruise includes a Vampire’s Ball, where fellow vampires come out in their finest attire. It also features trivia contests and a Q&A with professionals on everything vampire-related. You might even catch stars from TV series True Blood!

Vampires like enjoying vacation, too. That’s why the cruise is sure to include beautiful views all the way from Vancouver to Juneau Alaska.

Total Eclipse

If you’re a fan of astronomy and the wonders of the universe, this is a unique cruise you won’t want to miss.

March 30, 2024 marks the date the Total Eclipse cruise is scheduled to head off to sea from Loreto, California to just southwest of the Mexican coast for a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse viewing.

Not only will the eclipse be viewed safely and in warm, pleasant weather, but passengers will get to watch from the peaceful ocean.

This is just one memorable moment in a sea of them. Imagine not only viewing the eclipse, but getting a chance to swim with sea lions, say hello to whales, and bird watch in the desert.


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Cruise Trek

If you thought Trekky fun stopped at Comic-Con, think again. Cruise Trek is a cruise specially designed to include all things Star Trek.

This convention-at-sea leaves no room for boredom. With a ship jam-packed with a casino, multiple bars and Caribbean adventures, it’s hard to choose what to do next.

Add in special occurrences like running in to famous sci-fi actors, mind-bending games, and karaoke (sometimes with guest appearances by stars of Star Trek), and time is bound to fly.


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Big Nude Boat

Passengers can worry a bit less about what to pack on this nudist cruise. The next voyage will mark the 75th Big Nude Boat tour. 

Nudists from around the world come together on one ship to venture to tropical places in the comfort of just their bare skin and the warm sun. The voyage takes cruisers to Mexico and the Caribbean, where cruisers can explore nude beaches in places like Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Colombia, and more.

On board, all the best cruise amenities are enjoyed like delectable food, professional massages and fun themed nights. Get Your Glow On, for example, is a party where the only attire required are glow sticks!

Ghost Hunters

Cruisers who love all things creepy get a kick out of the Ghost Hunters cruise.

The cruise is hosted by a team of world-famous paranormal experts, like the host of SyFy Channel’s hit show “Fake or Fact.” These celebrity guests will offer up tips for ghost hunting, and share stories of the scariest encounters they’ve experienced.

Port stops are strategically placed in some of the eeriest and most haunted places on earth , including places like the Donegal Castle in Ireland, built during the 15th century and packed full of stories and, perhaps, hauntings. Passengers get the relaxation of cruise and beach life with the perfect balance of goosebumps and scary stories to take back home with them.

Cruises get more and more creative as time goes on. There seems to be something for everyone, whether it be cat fans or nudists. Chances are no matter what you enjoy, no matter how niche, there’s a cruise for it.

And that’s even true for parents! As the busy parent of an equally busy toddler, it’s hard to allow yourself the room to fantasize about cruises that are perfect for both you and your little one to get the R&R you deserve.

Well, fantasize away! Take a peek at these cruises for parents of infants and toddlers >

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