Celebrate Your Inner Artist With These Enriching Cruise Programs

Creative thinkers, unite!

You might not know that cruise ships aren’t only about relaxation and exploration. They can also be a hub for creativity.

Art is a universal language, one that’s celebrated on land and at sea alike. Cruise ships are no exception.

There’s nothing like a calm sea, a warm sun, and an escape from stress to help you tap into your creative side.

Many cruise lines incorporate art into their ship’s culture and entertainment— whether it be through exclusive gallery viewings, classes, or even art-themed excursions!

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or a creative hobbyist, you’re bound to enjoy the artsy programs and events that make these cruises even more enriching.

Silversea Cruise Lines

Having a hard time choosing which Silversea cruise ship to choose?

If art is your goal, you’ll want to consider The Silver Moon, Silver Muse or Silver Spirit, as each of these ships host a gorgeous arts café.

Each arts café has a relaxing, trendy ambience, complete with an exclusive curation of art and sculptures by artists from around the world.

During the day, you can enjoy a relaxing environment great for sipping a cup of coffee and contemplating life while enjoying an ocean view. In the evening, the arts café turns into a glamorous cocktail lounge.

If photography is more of your medium than paintings and sculptures, check out the Silver Cloud ship. While it doesn’t have an arts café, it does have a fully equipped photography studio!

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Carnival Cruises

It’s one thing to leave a vacation refreshed, but what if you can head home refreshed and educated?

Gain a deeper understanding of art to bring home and share with your friends with the Carnival Cruise Lines art seminars, games and more.

The Art 101 lecture series takes you through the history of art, starting as far back in time as the first known cave paintings. You’ll journey through time to explore the eras of Renaissance, Baroque, Surrealism, and Pop Art.

Loosen up a little while testing your newfound art knowledge with Carnival’s art games. Compete with other passengers with hands-on art trivia and skill competitions, or go head-to-head with the art-themed battle of the sexes at the art gallery.

Carnival Cruises also offers art-themed excursions like the art and architecture tour, where you’ll cruise to Rome and tour the inspiring offerings of the world-famous Tibertine Villas.

The Tibertine Villas house Tivoli Gardens and other Roman ruins. Dive deep into ancient culture and enjoy a one-of-a-kind photo op while you’re at it.

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Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises offers a fully immersive art experience with their Masterpiece European Voyages.

Europe hosts some of the world’s most famous art pieces of all time — everything from the works of Van Gogh to the statue of David and beyond.

Crystal Cruises offers dozens of cruise options that take you through Europe’s hot-spots for art and art history.

Travel to Lisbon, where you’ll have your mind blown by the delicately-crafted architecture and stunning colored tiles on every block. Make some stops at the world-famous museums that house works by innovators such as Rembrandt and Degas.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a trip to Amsterdam, where you can have an in-person viewing of Van Gogh’s Japanese- and French-inspired piece Almond Blossoms. Or take a peek at the state of contemporary art in one of Amsterdam’s many galleries for more modern pieces.

The options are endless!

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Celebrity Cruises

Talk to any other artsy people who have been on a Celebrity cruise, and chances are the first thing they’ll mention are the art classes and shows.

The hot glass show, for example, is a unique demonstration in which glassblowers share the process of creating glass art.

The process alone is fascinating. Molten glass is placed on the end of a tube, into which the artist blows to expand the soft glass, then uses a variety of tools to shape it into whatever their artistic eye desires.

Once you’re hooked, you can even try it out yourself at the hot glass class!

You can also enjoy the universal art of scrapbooking with fun new twists at the Celebrity Cruise scrapbooking classes.

You’ll be given all the supplies needed to turn your vacation memories into a tactile scrapbook displaying your unique artistic style.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines

paint trays

Artists of every level are welcome at the Norwegian Cruise line painting classes.

Each class has a capacity of only 12, which means a much greater chance of having your questions answered and getting some pro tips from a trained instructor. Because of the small class size, you’ll want to sign up in the library as soon as you can.

The classes take place on sea days, so you won’t have to worry about missing any excursions. Cruises with more sea days mean more painting classes!

Activities for each class varies. One class, for example, gives you all the supplies and guidance you need to paint your own version of a painting they present. Participants are encouraged to add their own unique flavor.

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Cruises for All Kinds of Creatives

Cruise lines everywhere know that a relaxing and exciting cruise exploration is the perfect time to get creative. Whether you like to observe art, build on your skills, or both — chances are, they’ll have an offering you’ll love.

New lands, new faces and now, new skills. What more could you want from a cruise?

If the only missing piece for you is music, you’re in luck. Cruise ships offer plenty for music lovers as well.

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