Make Complex Travel Simple With a Travel Agent

“Complex travel” is a term we use at CloudBlue Travel to talk about how we help clients seamlessly manage cascading components of multiple travels.

With complex travel, you have the chance to make your vacation more, well, complex, giving you the opportunity to do, see, taste, and savor a whole lot more.

For example, say your trip starts in Rome. You’ve got to figure out your travel details, which tours to take, and your hotel stay in the city. From here you hop on an 11-night cruise that drops you off in London. Now you’ve got to figure out tours, travels, and your hotel stay in the London area.

Next, you’re off to Amsterdam, with the same necessary travel details to figure out. After a few days, you jump on an Avalon Waterways river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel, where you’ll need to figure out your tours, travels, and hotel stay. Your last stop is in Zurich before you catch your flight back home.

This type of itinerary is exactly what we’d call complex travel. Working out all these details by yourself can be a challenge. The length of your trip, your budget, the time of year you’re traveling, and your threshold for complicated travel plans are all important factors to consider when planning a complex trip.

A travel agent is an expert at helping piece together all the details of your trip so you can sit back and relax instead of stressing over your itinerary. Here’s how a travel agent at CloudBlue Travel can help make your trip simple — no matter how complex!

The Perks of a Using a Cruise Travel Agent vs. Online Booking

Regardless of whether your next cruise is your first or your tenth, a travel agent is the key to making sure your complex travel plans stay on time, on budget, and maximize your fun and relaxation.

Even if you’re an experienced personal trip planner, have you ever planned a complicated stay in the city or region you’ll be traveling to?

There can be a lot of local secrets that you’re missing out on — whether it be the hidden parking garage that’s half the price of most others, or the boutique hotel with a to-die-for tapas bar.

But that’s just the icing on the cake compared to the real benefits a travel agent can bring. A travel agent can save you money and time, and help plan trip logistics to be stress-free.

Here’s a breakdown of how a travel agent at CloudBlue Travel can help you make the most of your complex travel.

More cost-effective

Your travel agent at CloudBlue Travel will have the skinny on deals offered directly by different cruise lines. If you’re considering an extended trip in a certain destination, there may be a cruise line that offers pre- and post-cruise packages at a discount, making your complex travel simple and saving you cash at the same time.

Not to mention that your agent will know the best deals when it comes to hotels, entertainment, tours, rental cars, and more.

Makes scheduling easy

At CloudBlue Travel, we know how long it will take to get places, how long it makes sense to stay, and how much time you need to allow for delays, traffic, etc.

Your agent will help you choose the right flights, best rental car pickup and drop-off locations, and best hotel spots to keep your schedule stress-free (it’s vacation, remember?)

Plans details to maximize relaxation

You may be ok with setting aside an entire morning to deal with shuttles, cabs, rental cars, and traffic, but does that sound like a very relaxing way to spend any part of your trip?

Let our travel agents at CloudBlue Travel put their experience to use in planning the logistics of your trip so your extended trip is unforgettable in a good way.

Access to hidden bonuses

A travel agency is valuable to a cruise line, especially if it’s an agency that brings the line a lot of business. If a cruise line makes you unhappy, they’ve only lost one customer. If they make the travel agency unhappy, they could lose a multi-million-dollar client.

A CloudBlue travel agent is like a “union representative” for travelers.

Cruise lines need travel agents to send business their way, which gives the agent leverage to book you the trip of your dreams. That means room upgrades, waived waiting lists, and priority reservations at the best restaurant onboard are all in the cards when you enlist a travel agent to represent you.

A cruise vacation is supposed to be time for you to get away from it all and relax. Start the vacation early by contacting CloudBlue Travel to help you book the details of your next cruise. Get started with CloudBlue Travel today »

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