The Best Cruise Programs To Help Keep You Healthy and Happy

If you ask people what they seek from a cruise, chances are the first thing they’ll list is relaxation— a way to escape the day-to-day, turn inward, and reset.

But there’s more to relaxation than laying by the pool (although this is certainly part of it). To truly feel relaxed and prepared for the life that awaits you at the end of your cruise, wellness needs to be a dynamic experience.

Endorphins from exciting new experiences are equally as important as pampering and rest. And don’t forget healthy, nourishing food that gives you energy (while not weighing you down).

Cruise lines are well-aware of the desire that most passengers share for a full wellness experience onboard. They work hard to ensure there’s the perfect balance of adventure, movement, and pampering to help you have a cruise that’s self-care-centric from sunup to sundown.

Try out these wellness-focused cruise features to return home refreshed, healthy, and (almost) ready for reality.

Princess Cruises Lotus Spa

Princess is set on giving passengers the royal treatment. Their Lotus Spa is no exception. Available on port days as well as days at sea, the soothing spa has a rotation of top-notch spa services.

Sign up for the Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow and unwind while warm oil is dripped over your body, followed by a lime and ginger salt rub that helps your skin glow. Finally, you’re rubbed down with body lotion infused with exotic island flowers, and given a deep tissue muscle massage.

After your massage, continue your afternoon of relaxation in the thermal suites. Thermal suites are offered on all Princess Cruise ships.

These are communal lounges broken down into separate grottos. Each grotto has a different level of heat, so you can adjust according to your mood and preferences.

Select the grotto with the heat level that you desire, and kick back on the heated ceramic loungers. Breathe deeply as you enjoy a relaxing combination of steam and specially selected aromatherapy vapors to help your body, mind, and soul unwind.

Wellness Tours with Oceania

Oceania Cruises are considered ahead of the game in the new era of wellness. Not only do their ships feature spas, fitness classes, and nutritional cuisine, but they also offer special wellness-themed excursions.

When sailing Oceania, you can rest assured every detail of your trip is centered around wellness — even the port adventures. In fact, you can join wellness tours that take you on an exploration of how wellness and self-care are defined all around the world.

Perhaps you’d like to set sail to ancient mineral baths in Rome to soak in healing waters and a rich history. Or maybe you’d prefer exploring the Labyrinth of Streams in El Descanso Island, a magical place filled with the scent of blossoming flowers and the sound of gently flowing water that follows you wherever you go.

Oceania offers over 50 wellness retreat options, so the possibilities are endless.

Wellness Hosts on AMA Waterways

AMA Waterways hosts river cruises that are so focused on wellness, they’re equipped with a staff of “wellness hosts.”

Wellness hosts are trainers and teachers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of wellness including nutrition, mental health, and exercise. So you’re guaranteed to have a well-rounded self-care experience.

Kick things off with a yoga, dance, or cardio class to help release energy blockages and open your mind to the rest of your wellness cruise experience. Attend one of the many different lectures on how to take your wellness experience home and incorporate it in your everyday life.

For a more “hands on” experience, try out a Tea Ceremony. Tea ceremonies not only allow you to indulge in exotic blends of tea all aimed at supporting different aspects of health, but you’ll be taught how to create the herbal combinations at home.

End your wellness ceremony with a guided meditation, where you can clear your mind and focus on the beauty of the moment, preparing you for a fun evening ahead.

Vitality Wellness on Royal Caribbean

If you’re seeking wellness programming on a Royal Caribbean cruise, look for the “Vitality” icon in different stations and activities. The Royal Caribbean Vitality Wellness Program incorporates wellness into every aspect of your experience.

Don’t worry about spending the cruise running away from guilty pleasures or spending port days looking for a way to sneak in a workout. Ships are equipped with fully equipped fitness centers, healthy menus for any dietary preferences, and day spas to help you wind down.

Enjoy personal training at the fitness center to have your unique fitness needs and goals addressed, then fuel back up at the Vitality Wellness Café, which is stocked with fresh and delicious meals.

Afterwards, rest your sore muscles at the Vitality Spa with features like skin treatments, deep tissue massages, saunas and more.

You want a cruise that helps you relax, and part of the joy of relaxing is knowing you’re taking the best care of yourself you can.

Now that wellness is becoming a priority for many people, the demand for self-care solutions is being met by cruise lines everywhere.

From relaxing at spas to workout classes, active excursions and nutrition-packed meals, you can enjoy your cruise knowing you’re taking the holistic approach to wellness.

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