5 Cruise Water and Theme Parks to Enjoy This Summer

As Summer shines its light on us, you may be eager to plan your next vacation. You’re ready to have some fun in the sun and get away. Cruises are a fun way to travel to different destinations all over the world, and some even offer full-fledged water and theme parks!

It can be hard finding a trip that can satisfy every member of your family, but by booking a cruise with an onboard theme park, you can assure there’s an activity for everyone. You can hang by the poolside with a margarita in hand while the kids stay cool and have a blast riding slides and playing in the water.

Consider these cruises with extra fun for your family’s next summer vacation.

1. Go-Kart Racetrack, Norwegian Cruises

If you’re looking for an exciting attraction that’s fun for the whole family, Norwegian Cruises offers a go-kart racetrack that people of all ages can enjoy on their Bliss and Joy voyages. They were the first of their kind to ever feature a racetrack, and they now sport the world’s largest racetracks at sea.

The experience is competitive and immersive. It features 2 tracks, and you’ll hear an engine roaring through the car’s headrest. There’s also a viewing platform for spectators, a covered pit lane, and floodlights as well.

Racers can reach a maximum speed of around 30 mph and can even use a “turbo-boost” during every lap for a bit more acceleration. A single run on Norwegian’s racetrack is a full 8 minutes, and guests can buy passes for unlimited races.

2. Disneys Water Park

Disney Cruises are known for their child-friendly and nostalgic take on family fun. Their water parks are made for children and families as well, providing a fun and safe space for family members of all ages.

The Aquaduck is a 2-person water slide that travels 765 feet along the ship. This acrylic tube is a safe and fun attraction for thrill-seekers looking to make the most of their vacation.

The Aquadunk is another intense slide for adrenaline junkies. A trap door is activated beneath you, dropping you over 20 feet down a water slide. The anticipation is sure to rattle even the most adventurous passengers.

Also onboard you’ll find the Aqualab, a kid-friendly waterpark that features geysers, jets, and bubblers for all-day fun. Here kids can play with their friends and experience the different attractions throughout the water park.

Nephew’s Splash Zone is a 1,800-ft special toddler-friendly water park that welcomes little one’s ages 3 and up. Featured on the Disney Magic Voyage, this trip is tailored to the needs of the newest members of your family.

3. Aqua Park, Norwegian Cruises

Norwegian Cruises offer an easy way to see a different part of the world, whether you’re looking to explore the Caribbean or Europe.

The Symphony of the Seas offers 3 main water slides per ship, depending on your voyage. The Kid’s Aqua Park is the perfect kid-friendly water park with slides, cannons, whirlpools, and fountains for kids and teens.

The Breakaway includes 5 multi-story waterslides like the Free Fall and the Whip.

The Epic includes 3 huge waterslides like the 200-foot Epic Plunge, a 200-ft slide that ends in a funnel.

There are plenty of kid-friendly parks as well as Spice H2O — an intimate adult-only water park.

4. The Perfect Storm, Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas/Harmony of the Seas

The Perfect Storm is featured in the Symphony of the Seas and the Harmony of the Seas. It includes 3 giant waterslides, which differ on each ship.

When it comes to kids, Splashaway Bay is the perfect chance for tots and tweens (and their parents) to partake in a bit of fun with the exciting slides and attractions. The Cyclone and Typhoon are dual-racer slides, and whoever reaches the pool first wins!

The Royal Caribbean Oasis and Harmony voyages include the Supercell — a toilet-bowl style slide made for thrill seekers and novices alike.

Lastly, the Liberty voyage includes the Tidal Wave, a boomerang-style slide sure to keep your heart rate up.

5. Carnival’s Skyride

The Skyride is found on Carnival’s Vista-class ships and allows kids and adults to pedal their way around their ship on a suspended ride. If you’re looking for incredible views, this attraction is perfect for you.

The ride has 2 separate lanes, perfect for thrill-seeking kids ready for a race and for those wanting to take their time. Your children will be secure and safe while having the time of their lives. Who knows — you might want a turn next!

Take Your Family on a Trip Theyll Never Forget

Cruises are fun and all-inclusive ways to see the world with your family. You’ll be able to play, eat, and relax to your heart’s content in a safe environment while looking forward to your next stop!

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