Your Dream Vacation Awaits Thanks to These Cruise and Excursion Pairings

Spring is on the way, and with the warm weather and blossoming flowers comes the urge to travel — one that seems to grow with each day of lockdown.

The sun returning is a reminder of all the beautiful places out there waiting to be explored — the smell of the ocean, the sound of new languages, and let’s not forget the taste of local food and wine.

While you may not be ready to take time off work and pack your bags quite yet, now is the perfect time to get planning. And with lower capacities on most cruise ships, you’ll want to be sure you make all the reservations you need right away.

Save yourself some time with this handy guide to some of the best dream vacations in the world. We’ll let you know which cruise to take there and the perfect excursions to check out along the way.

Wine Tasting in Italy

What could be more indulgent than a luxury cruise to Italy followed by a wine tasting in Tuscany?

All aboard Vision of the Seas for the 5-night France and Italy cruise.

Vision of the Seas is one of Royal Caribbean’s most treasured ships. It’s easy to see why once you’ve learned about the captivating Broadway-style shows, gourmet dining options, and one-of-a-kind activities like rock climbing and tanning in the adults-only solarium.

The cruise will depart from Barcelona, Spain, where you can take in all the wonderful architecture and, if there’s time, visit exquisite waterfalls. Your first stop will be in Nice, France where you can spend the day strolling along the world-famous Promenade de Anglais, a walkway of epic proportions that parallels the Mediterranean coast.

The next stop is the one-and-only city of Rome. Here you can join our exclusive Tuscany wine tasting Shore Excursion.

From your cruise port, you’ll take a 5-10 minute shuttle to meet your tour group in Civitavecchia. From there you’re off to the Cantina del Morellino Di Scansano, a picturesque vineyard and co-op tucked away in the village of Maremma.

Founded in the 1970s as a collaboration of some top-notch winemakers from the village of Scansano, the wine is produced with some of the highest standards and it shows.

You and your tour group will sip on 5 of their favorite wines, all paired with local foods. Meanwhile, you’ll learn about the history of the vineyard and how your delicious wine was made.

Explore the Colorful City of Valparaiso, Chile

If you enjoy bright colors and rich culture, consider taking a cruise that stops in Santiago, Chile. Here, you can join our excursion to the nearby UNESCO World Heritage city of Valparaiso.

On the Regent Los Angeles to Miami cruise you’ll cruise around South America, stopping to explore more than 10 exotic ports!

Cities you’ll discover include Acapulco, Mexico, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and Santiago, Chile.

Prepare for your stop in Santiago by reserving a spot in the Colors of Valparaiso excursion.

Valparaiso is a bustling city with incredible backdrops and colorful homes and buildings that freckle the hillsides.

After leaving your ship, you’ll take a 10-minute taxi ride to join your experienced guide at Plaza Anibal Pinto in the heart of Valparaiso.

Your guide will explain the tour itinerary, then you’re off to explore the life of locals. You’ll walk around town taking in the art of the buildings, landmarks, and the creative residents that call this place home.

Toward the end of the tour, you’ll get to ride the incredibly unique hillside elevators, or “Acensores de Valparaiso.” These unique elevators were constructed in the late 19th century and are considered national monuments in Chile.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll enjoy delicious Chilean comfort food while meeting local artists.

You’ll end the day on a high point — literally. Your guide will take you to a lookout point so you can say goodbye to the city while overlooking all its wonderful sights.

Adventure in Alaska

Sometimes adventure is right at your back door.

Alaska is one of the United States’ most fascinating territories, with a unique arctic ecosystem and an otherworldly setting that you have to see to believe.

Add an element of adventure, and you have quite a memorable trip on your hands!

If you’re looking to take in all Alaska has to offer, consider the 7-day Alaska cruise: the Voyage of the Glaciers Grand Adventure.

The cruise departs from Vancouver, Canada, and will take you through 7 beautiful Alaskan ports, including Juneau, Skagway, and Glacier Bay National Park. Glacier Bay National Park boasts 3.3 million acres of glacial scenery, which you won’t want to miss.

Kick off your cruise with an adrenaline rush. Reserve your place in the Backcountry Jeep & Canoe Safari Day Excursion when your ship anchors in its first destination: Ketchikan.

You’ll meet your group just a 5-minute walk from your ship, where your guide will break you into groups of 4. Each group gets a Jeep and heads straight for Tongas National Forest, the largest forest in the United States.

Your guide will lead you and your tour mates through mountainous roads with some of the best-hidden views of glaciers, creeks, and a Brown Bear viewing area.

Soon, you’ll come to Lake Harriet Hunt, where you’ll hop in a canoe and explore the exotic ecosystem and wildlife like the sundew, a rare carnivorous plant.

Once you make it to the other side of the lake, it’s time for a hike! Your guide will take you through more forests for even more exploration.

Chances are you’ll need to refuel after all that adventuring, so the tour ends with a stop for a hearty snack at a nearby campsite.

More Exciting Cruise Ideas

Traveling is a very personal experience, and you want to make sure the next trip you book is just right for you.

Before you decide on which dream cruise to take, make sure you give yourself plenty of options to choose from. After all, this is your dream vacation we’re talking about!

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