3 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Honeymoon Cruise

The bouquet’s been tossed, all the wedding presents have been unwrapped, and the last piece of wedding cake’s been eaten for breakfast (for the fifth morning in a row).

Now that the excitement, anxiety and anticipation of the wedding is over, you get to look forward to one of the best parts of getting married — the honeymoon.

More and more newlyweds have been turning to cruises to indulge in breathtaking new sights, incredible foods, and unforgettable experiences with their new hubby or wife.

Whether you can’t wait to write your names in the sand on a tropical beach or are dreaming of snuggling up in front of a warm fire while the snow falls around you, an all-inclusive honeymoon cruise can take you to your dream destination — while taking care of all the details for you.

Why a Honeymoon Cruise?

Considering all the work you’ve put into planning your wedding, a cruise is a perfect way to kick back, relax, and let yourself be pampered.

The biggest decision left on your plate is deciding how to choose the perfect cruise for you and your partner.

Destination, cruise length, atmosphere and price are all important factors in choosing your honeymoon cruise. And although there may be several options that fit your taste, finding the right cruise for your honeymoon is just a matter of asking the right questions.

Here are 3 questions you should consider before contacting your travel agent to book one of the most exciting trips of your life.

1. What’s Your Dream Destination?

This is probably the most important question to answer before choosing your first cruise.

Maybe you dream of spending your days soaking up the sun on a Mexican beach. Or maybe you and your honey prefer the colder, more dramatic scenery of Mount Denali in Alaska.

There’s a perfect location for every honeymooner’s tastes and preferences. The main cruise locations to choose from can be broken down into a few basic categories:


If sunshine and drinks on the beach sounds like the perfect honeymoon, then a tropical cruise is calling your name. Tropical destinations include Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda and the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Australia.

Recommended cruise lines: Celebrity, Crystal, Princess


If you want to see the world and experience a variety of cultures as part of your cruise, then look to any number of open sea and river options that allow you to explore a new European city each day.

Other choices include river cruises in Egypt or trips in Asia and the Middle East that’ll take you to the glittering cities of Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Recommended cruise lines: SeaDream Yacht Club, Viking River Cruises, AmaWaterways, Avalon Waterways, Crystal Cruises, Windstar, Paul Gauguin


If you and your new spouse are total adrenaline junkies, we’ve got cruises that cater to endorphin excursions. Kayak the icy waters of Alaska, wander the Australian wilderness, or meander through ancient Malaysian temples — all as part of an adventure cruise vacation.

Recommended cruise lines: Seabourn, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean International

2. What’s Your Style of Fun?

Once you’ve settled on a destination for your honeymoon cruise, the next question to answer is what type of atmosphere you want for your cruise.

Whether you’re craving quiet relaxation or you’ve got family coming along to celebrate with you, certain cruises are designed to cater to specific travel styles.


For most honeymooners, romance is the name of the game. And nothing helps cultivate that mood like a bit of luxury.

Are you interested in a cruise that’s catered to adults with extensive wine lists, fine dining, relaxing spa treatments and plenty of secluded areas on board? There are many cruises that fit this vibe — no group Macarena dance required (although you can do that on your private deck if you want).

Recommended cruise lines: Celebrity, Princess, Paul Gauguin, Windstar


Not all honeymooners plan on prioritizing privacy. If you’d rather be surrounded by your family to help celebrate the occasion, look no further than the fun and excitement of a family cruise.

Look forward to activities like late-night movies on deck, unforgettable group excursions, and endless live entertainment and games that are a blast for every age. And if you still want some adult time, many of these ships have on-board casinos, piano bars, and adult-only decks and pools.

Recommended cruise lines: Disney, Carnival


Just because you’re in the middle of the ocean doesn’t mean a cruise can’t offer you and your adventuring partner plenty of options to conquer new landscapes.

Some cruises center on exploration, taking you to ports of call around the world where you can immerse yourself in new landscapes and cultures. Walk the winding cobblestone streets of ancient European villages or get up close and personal with marine life while snorkeling around tropical reefs.

Recommended cruise lines: Azamara, Silversea

3. What’s Your Budget?

Whether you spent most your savings on your wedding or saved all your cash for your honeymoon, there are attractive cruise options to fit every budget.

Factors like destination, cruise length, and custom experiences can all impact your cruise budget. Read on to see other considerations for planning the perfect getaway at a price you can afford:

Ship size

Typically, the smaller the ship, the higher the price. A smaller ship carries fewer passengers, which can mean more privacy and exclusivity. Smaller ships are also likely to have a lower crew-to-guest ratio. From 30 to 3,000 passenger ships, there’s an option at every price point.

Room type

There are different room types offered at different prices. Price can be based on size, location and extravagance. Of course, it’s your honeymoon, so no one will blame if you #treatyoself.


With the price of your cruise ticket, you can expect delicious meals, 5-star entertainment and access to pools, hot tubs and other modes of pampering. But certain other amenities, like off-shore activities or late-night room service, could cost more.

Recommended cruise lines: Paul Gauguin, Oceania

Interested in the higher end options for your honeymoon cruise? Don’t miss this luxury cruise »

And if your dream cruise is a bit pricier than your paycheck can cover consider setting up a cruise fund!

Many cruise lines offer online registries where people can gift you with cash towards your fare or cover specific experiences — from day excursions to a bottle of champagne delivered to your room.

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