Why a Cruise Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

2020 is almost here, and you know what that means — time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

The list of what’s important to each of us is probably pretty similar. We want to travel to exciting places, try new foods, make new friends, cut down on stress, and get healthier.

But pulling off a New Year’s resolution can be hard. Regular life seems to take over after a few weeks, and we fall back into old habits.

Maybe the answer to the problem isn’t to just try harder. Maybe the answer is to make a New Year’s resolution that would be impossible to give up on, and that could help you reach all your other goals at the same time.


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We’re talking about a cruise vacation.

A cruise may seem like an overly indulgent idea of a New Year’s resolution, but the reality is that a cruise can knock more than a few destinations (and foods) off your bucket list, meet new people, get some R&R, and even boost your health.

On top of that, a cruise is just plain fun.

The perks of a cruise as part of a New Year’s resolution isn’t a new idea. Some of our favorite cruise lines are now offering specialty New Year’s cruises so their guests can kick the new year off right.

If you still aren’t convinced, read on to learn why a cruise vacation should be your New Year’s resolution.

You’ll See and Try New Things

If your hopes for the new year include traveling to a new place, trying a unique kind of food, or experiencing another culture, then look no further than a cruise vacation.

For starters, you can cruise to pretty much anywhere in the world. When we think of cruises, we often think of the Caribbean or Mexico.

While these destinations are no doubt stunning, you can also cruise the Mediterranean and explore Italy and Greece, or the rivers of Europe on a trip from Amsterdam to Turkey.


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You can take a luxury river boat down the Nile or journey from Australia to the Philippines. Follow in the wake of the Vikings from Sweden to Iceland and on to Newfoundland, or try something new with a cruise adventure in South America.

Whatever part of the world you choose, a cruise adds even more bang for your buck by taking you to multiple destinations in one trip.

Each day, a new port of call beckons you to try a local restaurant, shop for unique souvenirs, and see sites like ancient ruins, famous landmarks, and geological wonders.

Even if you skip a port and stay onboard, there are new experiences galore to find right on the cruise ship itself. You could learn how to dance, try your hand at a new sport, or dive into one of a thousand different types of food available on board.

You’ll Make New Friends

Whether you cruise with a partner, a friend, family, or solo, you’re sure to make new friends on your adventure.

Making new friends is important as we get older. Many of us get stuck in the rut of just hanging out with the people we met when we were young. But new friends can give us new perspectives, open our minds to new ideas, and just add a little excitement in talking to someone you don’t know every little detail about.

Cruises are built around the opportunity for communal experiences. Dining, partying, seeing a show, and exploring a port of call are all something you can do with new people on a cruise.

And since you and the other guests are sharing the same ship for a week or longer, you’ll have the chance to wake up the next day and do it all over again with your new friends. By the end of your cruise, you’ll have developed a new relationship that can last a lifetime.

It’s the Perfect Stress Reliever


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We’re all busy. Work, kids, family, hobbies… just getting through the day in one piece can take its toll.

If you don’t make it a point to plan an escape, this kind of stress can drive you up a wall. You can become irritable, struggle with sleep. And high levels of stress can be hard on your long-term health.

A cruise is the epitome of stress relief. Here’s how:
Being near water is calming
• Cruise ships have world-class spa and massage facilities (say hello to relaxation)
• You’ll be too busy having fun to worry about your stresses
• The sun is good for your mental health

Getting a little stress reset every once in a while is a good idea for your health, and there’s nothing like a cruise to help you do just that.

It’ll Help You Get Healthy


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Cruise ships have more ways to help you get into a new health regimen than you might think.

Did you know that most cruise ships have a full gym on-board, as well as an outdoor running track that goes around the deck of the ship? There’s also swimming, yoga, surfing, dancing, sports, and other activities that are so much fun, you’ll forget they’re also good for your health.

Cruise lines also employ personal trainers that you can take advantage of to learn some new tips for reaching whatever fitness goals you set for yourself. Without the hectic schedule of daily life to keep you from the gym, you’ll have time to actually do the self-care you’ve been dreaming of.

And that’s only half of the story. A cruise is also an excellent opportunity to try new healthy foods that could become a part of your regular eating habits back home.

Some of the healthy (and delicious) grub you’ll find on a cruise include sushi, mind-blowing salad bars, grilled seafood galore, and endless varieties of fresh vegetables prepared in a health-conscious way.

Who knows? You might find your new favorite healthy food on a cruise, and make it a regular part of your diet when you get back home.

It’s the Ultimate Solution to Finding More Family Time


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At home, family time is often more of a dream than something that feels possible, especially once your children get into their pre-teen and teen years.

School and extracurricular activities keep kids busy from sunup to sundown. And when your children are at home, they’re probably more interested in hiding behind their smartphone than spending time with their parents.

A cruise is the chance to show your kids that you’re a lot cooler than they realize. Trust us — after a day of ziplining, mini-golf, snorkeling, and more, they’ll be thinking they’ve got the greatest parents in the world. And they’ll be right.


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A cruise is also the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your spouse or significant other. There are cruises specifically catered to couples looking to get away from it all and re-connect without the busyness of everyday life. Add in gourmet dinners with world-class wine lists, dancing under the stars on the open sea, and a private hot tub for two, and you’ve got a recipe for romance.

It’s a Resolution You’ll Actually Keep

Because a cruise is so fun and exciting, it’s sure to be a New Year’s resolution you’ll have no problem keeping. It’s the kind of dream vacation that is actually affordable — a safe, pre-planned international vacation with accommodations and food included? Yes, please.

Ready to make your New Year’s resolution? CloudBlue Travel is here to help. We’ll work to find the best cruise to suit your taste and get you the best prices. We do the hard work for you, and get this: it won’t cost you any more than if you booked it yourself.

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