Your Digital Tour Guides: 8 of the Best Apps for Vacation Planning

Nowadays, it seems there’s an app for everything: dating, meditation, and even replacing that tape measure you keep misplacing.

While the app world can be overwhelming, there can be immense value to finding the ones with the perfect features you need. The right apps can become a superpower, especially if you’re a globetrotter.

Imagine planning a vacation without hours of Googling. Even better, imagine being able to make your trip more convenient even after you’ve arrived at your destination thanks to a digital travel guide and state-of-the art GPS.

We’ve decided to save you even more time by rounding up some of the most talked-about travel apps of 2019 to help you have your best vacation yet.

1. TripIt

Say good-bye to combing through email folders looking for your itinerary details and booking information.

The TripIt app stores and organizes all your travel information in one easy-to-access place. That includes:

  • Hotel and Airbnb reservation information
  • Flight itineraries
  • Ferry tickets
  • Rental car reservations
  • Driving directions

Meeting a friend at your final destination? You can also share your information to make sure they know exactly where to be and when, so you waste no time playing travel phone tag.

2. Visit a City

Visit a City brings the perfect balance of spontaneity and structure to any vacation.

Just type in what city/area you’re visiting, and Visit a City will provide professionally-curated travel guides, meaning the app will create a sightseeing itinerary for you depending on your preferences.

With over 3,000 travel guides in the app, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy — whether you’re out to take a leisurely sightseeing stroll, or are craving a day packed with fun before you hit the next city.

The app also tells you how long it will take to get from destination to destination and how long you can plan to stay, so you can make those dinner plans without hesitation.

3. Rome2Rio

If you’re off on an adventure filled with trains, planes, and automobiles, you’re going to want to make sure you have Rome2Rio first.

Rome2Rio is a one-stop-shop to figure out the most convenient, timely and budget-friendly travel methods to get to multiple destinations.

The app also provides handy travel guides centered around your favorite modes of transportation. Off to explore Florence? Why not do it by train?

4. Google Trips

Google Trips is where all your Google apps unite with the goal of making sure your travels are easy as possible.

Consider it like your personal travel planner. Google Trips can do handy things like predict where you’re going thanks to email travel info. Then, judging by places you’ve starred, it will recommend activities based solely on your preferences.

5. iCruise Cruise Finder

Choosing the best cruise can be overwhelming. The iCruise Cruise Finder app is a great place to start to find the perfect cruise for you before reaching out to your travel agent to help you book.

Just plug in the details like where you’d like to go, dates of travel, and the specific cruise features you’re craving. Cruise Finder will search cruise listings for you, and help you all the way through picking a cabin and finalizing your booking.

You can even track cruises you have your eye on to see if any deals pop up. This can help narrow down your options before working with a travel agent. An agent will help you handle things like onshore excursions, room specifications, accommodations for physical limitations, and help you find the best deal.

6. Deck Director

Once you’re on a cruise, the last thing you want to worry about is missing out on your onshore excursion because you got lost somewhere onboard.

Enter: Deck Director, the app that acts as your cruise ship GPS to help you make the most of your vacation.

As an added perk, you can choose special details like whether you prefer elevators or stairs, or set the return path before you leave in case that cocktail hour goes a bit longer than anticipated.

7. Pebblar

Pebblar gives you the freedom of creating your own itinerary details along with the security of keeping it all organized and accessible.

Simply go to the app, choose the cities you’re visiting, and search for the types of places you’ll want to visit…hotels, restaurants, etc.

Once you’ve picked your destinations, add them to the Pebblar calendar, From there you’ll have a detailed and comprehensive plan for your journey.

8. Blink

For single travelers who are looking to spice things up, Blink is like the Tinder of travel.

We don’t mean it’ll help you find a date on your vacation. Rather, once you choose where you’re going, Blink will give you a set of options for sights to see and places to visit.

Swipe “yes” or “no” on each activity choice, and an itinerary will be created based upon your choices. Take a peek at their curated mini tours as well.

Time to grab your phone and get downloading! You’re one step closer to a headache-free vacation.

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