The Best 5 Countries For Remote Working

The idea of working remotely was only a dream for many people prior to the past year.

But now everyone’s learning how to work and be productive from home. Companies around the world are now open to more flexibility in terms of remote work. 

And with this flexibility, the nature of work and travel is changing. Employees are able to work from the comfort of their own homes, perhaps from a family member’s home, or even while traveling. 

Traveling and working remotely is ideal for young people who don’t want to be confined to an office. It gives them the freedom to travel and visit new places in the US and abroad.

Remote working is trending for families looking to give their kids a break from the classroom, too. If parents are able to work remotely, they can give their kids a chance to see the world and open their horizons. This is a concept that was previously never on the table for a majority of workers.

While this has recently become an option for individuals and families, the life of digital nomads and traveling families isn’t new. 

The digital nomad lifestyle — working from a computer and moving around to various cities or countries — has risen in popularity over the years for certain jobs. Both young millennials and families with children have jumped on this new lifestyle trend thanks to technology and a more connected world. 

Remote working comes in many forms, be it moving around within the US to live and work from different cities, or working remotely in countries you’ve never been to before.

Another great option if you’re ready to embark on an adventure is to try out van life and see the world by van while working remotely. 

The option to travel and work wherever you are is catching on quickly around the globe. People are taking advantage of the new work-from-home lifestyle to pursue travel dreams that weren’t available to them in the past. 

If you’re thinking about jumping on the train — or in this case, car, van, or plane — and joining those living and working abroad, we’ve put together a list of a few popular places to help you choose the remote working destination that’s right for you.

Best Places To Work Remotely Around The World

While the idea of traveling around with your laptop from anywhere sounds great, there are certain logistical considerations to think about before jumping on a plane. That’s especially the case when traveling with a family. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Destination:

  • Finding locations where you’re able to work with reliable Wi-Fi — apartments, coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc.
  • Time zone differences (if this is important for your job)
  • An ex-pat community
  • Transportation options
  • The cost of living where you’re traveling
  • Depending on the length of your stay, you may need a visa
  • For families, you’ll want to make sure the location you choose is family-friendly

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is maybe one of the first places that come to mind when you’re looking for luscious scenery while working. The island life many people seek in Bali has turned it into a “hub for ex-pats and digital nomads.”

Once thought of as a place for backpackers, Bali today has everything you’d need to live abroad. Cute coffee shops, a welcoming ex-pat community, outdoor activities, an abundance of yoga studios, plus cultural things to do and see. 

And thanks to the influx of ex-pats over the last 10 years and increasing western amenities, Bali is an easy place to live with a family. 

Not to mention it’s affordable. Some coworking spaces cost less than $100 and have a pool and coffee shop to enjoy on your breaks!


From the Canary Islands to international cities like Barcelona and Madrid, Spain has become a hotspot for ex-pats due to its warm temperatures and low cost of living. And if the big city life isn’t for you, Spain’s smaller cities are still popular, especially on the coasts in places like Valencia, Malaga, and San Sebastian.

Spain’s lower cost of living compared to most of Europe attracts digital nomads all year long. There’s even an option to get a freelance visa if you’re self-employed, too. 

While it’s a popular spot for Europeans to retire, Spain is a great place to travel with kids thanks to its low crime rate and rich culture. 

There’s plenty to do and see for millennials and families. From city sites like museums and palaces to beaches and mountains — Spain has everything you need to live and work remotely. 


For those of you dreaming of working remotely from a tropical paradise, Barbados might be your best bet. And if you’re American you don’t have to worry about language barriers while working from the beach because the official language is English. 

Barbados has a special visa program known as the Barbados Welcome Stamp where remote workers can live on the Caribbean island for a year. This program actually came into effect during the pandemic due to the surge in remote working and the decrease in tourism. 

The cost of living in Barbados is something to consider as well. Known for its high prices, it’s still possible to live on a lower budget, but this all depends on where you’re coming from and how much you’re making. 


Digital nomads have been on the rise in Colombia. The city of Medellin was ranked the most popular remote working city in all of South America.

With its low cost of living, temperate climate, and mountain views surrounding the city, it’s no wonder it’s so popular among remote workers. You’ll find plenty of co-working spaces, a large ex-pat community, and lively nightlife in Medellin. 

Colombia does have a few cons which might make it less appealing for traveling with kids. While the city is drastically safer than it once was and is overall a safe place to travel, the crime rate is higher than some other destinations. 


If hot weather isn’t quite your style, you might be interested in the Baltic region. The city of Tallinn, Estonia has become a popular destination among remote workers. 

Due to its high-tech society, it’s often referred to as e-Estonia. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of nature. Estonia is said to have the “best overall air quality in the entire world,” thanks to its seaside location and surrounding forests. 

Their new Digital Nomad Visa makes it even easier, allowing you to stay up to a year. That’ll give you plenty of time to travel around the rest of Europe while you’re based in Estonia.

The cost of living in Estonia is higher than in some areas in Europe but still considered lower than that of the US. There’s also easily accessible public transportation, and Estonia is a safe place to live, in case you’re traveling with a family. 

See The World While Working Remotely

If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip, now’s the time to use this new flexibility and trend toward remote working to see the world while you get your work done.  

Remote working allows you to stay longer and get the true feeling of living in a different place, not just visiting as a tourist. If you choose to have a home base in one city, you can travel to other cities and countries nearby on weekends.

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