These Social Apps Are All the Rage for Solo Cruisers

There are so many things to love about a cruise…traveling to breathtaking new places, enjoying on-ship luxury like spas and fine dining, world-class entertainment every night…the list goes on!

But what really makes for a memorable trip is the people you connect with.

When you’re going on a solo journey, it can seem hard to approach new people. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to meet others on cruises (and not just over awkward poolside conversations).

Traveling solo has been growing in popularity. So much so, that cruise ships have worked to accommodate more single-person cabins. And with the rise of singles on cruises comes the rise of networking apps.

If you like using dating apps, Meetup, or other apps that help you connect to those in your community while at home, wait until you learn about these apps that are helping people connect on a cruise.


If you’ve been hesitant to book a cruise alone, Cruisea may help you change your mind.

Cruisea is designed to help connect people on cruise ships. Once you’ve downloaded the app and created a profile, you can set your preferences based on the age range and gender you’re looking for in a cruise mate.

Afterwards, you’ll go “fishing,” or browse the profiles of others on the cruise looking for a connection. Profiles will appear one by one, and you can click the heart button if you think they’re a catch, or the cross mark to “keep fishing.”

After you find a “catch,” you’ll get the chance to chat with them and establish a time and place to meet — whether that be on the ship itself, or exploring a port together!

Another perk of this app? It doesn’t glitch when you’re constantly moving locations, like other apps might.

Ship Mate

phone with pics

Ship Mate has multiple features to help you plan your trip and meet new people while you’re at it.

You’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of your cruise ship, and get the low-down on all the exciting activities happening during your cruise.

With Ship Mate, you can also access your cruise itinerary so you can plan fun excursions with others. Whether you’re looking for a date or just another couple to have some fun with, Ship Mate chat gives you the perfect platform to meet the exploration buddies you’re looking for.

Once you’ve mapped out your schedule, select the “roll call” option. This function allows you to view others who will be joining you on your cruise. If anyone sticks out, you can use the chat option to strike up a conversation, and set up some plans before you even board!

You can also interact with your other cruise mates on the Ship Mate photo gallery, where you can share photos of your trip as well as view and interact with the photos others have posted.


tinder app

That’s right — Tinder, the app that helped pave the way for other social networking apps (and perhaps your dating life) — can be used on any cruise ship with Wi-Fi.

Tinder has a user base of around 50 million people worldwide, so chances are you’re bound to find fellow swipers on your cruise.

Simply create a profile including a few images and a bio (specify that you’re looking for a cruise buddy!), set your location to around 2 miles, and get ready to start swiping!

Individual photos of others will pop up, giving you 3 options: click to see more about them, swipe right to “like” them, or swipe left to move on.

If someone you liked swiped right on you, too, you’ve found a match! Now you can chat and make plans to enjoy cruise activities together.


The Carnival Cruise lines app, Carnival Hub, makes it easy not only to meet people, but to maintain contact throughout the trip.

For a small fee, you can access the chat feature of this handy app called the Carnival Hub chat.

This feature allows you to connect with other cruisers who opted in to be able to chat.

If you end up making a whole group of friends, make sure they’re also on the chat, as the app offers quality group chat features. Planning a night out has never been so easy.

The best part? The app works on all Carnival ships, so no need to purchase a separate internet package just to meet people.

You might even find a new group of friends you want to stay connected with for future adventures!

Thanks to modern cruise technology, you’re bound to make new connections while you enjoy all the perks of your dream vacation.

On top of that, cruises aren’t just for retired couples anymore. Your options for making new friends and connections are higher than ever.

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