5 Beautiful Destinations to Make the Most Out of Your Spring Break

Has it been a while since you last traveled? Are you looking forward to your next big trip? Spring break is around the corner, and now is the time to make some plans! Beat the cabin fever and winter blues by getting away and seeing the world.

After months of isolation, you and your family may want to get back into the swing of things in a meaningful way. What better way to treat yourselves than with a trip filled with new and exciting experiences?

Though the pandemic has complicated travel a bit, restrictions have lightened up in many countries. It’s much easier to travel now and make the most of your spring break. 

Weve gathered some of the best places you can spend your spring break. Some are unconventional, and some may be expected, but you cant go wrong with any of these beautiful, vibrant destinations.

Anchorage, Alaska

You dont need a passport to get away from it all. Alaska is widely known for its expansive wilderness, wildlife, and scenic beauty. If youre looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for a tranquil retreat, you cant go wrong with visiting Alaska.

You may not think of Alaska as your typical spring break destination, but March-May is the perfect time for experiencing the best the state has to offer. The rising temperatures give way to longer days — Anchorage sees more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the states after March 20th. 

Skip the blistering cold at this spring break destination. You’ll be able to see the scenic, snow-capped mountain tops in comfort.

If youre looking to take it easy and experience nature, Alaska is your best bet. You can go on a whale-watching cruise starting mid-March. You’ll also see your fair share of moose, as they begin to have their calves during this season. Feel free to check out the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for a closer look at these incredible animals.

If youre looking to experience the rich culture of Alaskas native tribes, the Anchorage Museum offers a variety of displays celebrating the contributions and history of the states ancestors.

As of right now, Alaska has no serious testing or requirements regarding Covid-19 if you’re fully vaccinated. If not, youll have to provide a negative test within 3 days of your departure.

Montreal, Canada

Canada is also a far cry from the tropical resorts and tourist-ridden beaches found in many common spring break destinations. But don’t let that fool you — Montreal is just as fun. Whether youre visiting to enrich yourself in cultural events or to hit up the bustling nightlife, the city has an experience for you.

One of the best things about Montreal would have to be the many free activities available to tourists. You can go sledding in Mont-Royal Park, go ice skating, or visit one of many art exhibits and museums. 

If youre looking to explore the city, consider checking out this years Luminothérapie outdoor art exhibit. Visit Old Montreal and enjoy the perfect view of the snowy cityscape from La Grande Roue de Montreals observation wheel. 

Families with children will be pleased to know that Montreal offers a wide variety of family and kid-friendly activities. Visit the Biodome and explore different animals and ecosystems, or visit one of the many kid-friendly museums — some even offer free admission to children under 12.

Canada will soon no longer require vaccinated travelers to provide a negative Covid test before their departure. They require all non-essential visitors to be fully vaccinated.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Springtime is the best time of year to visit Edinburgh. This makes it a great — though unconventional — spring break destination for curious travelers.

The day ends around 8:30 PM in Edinburgh during the spring, and though the weather is always a bit unpredictable, the dry season is from April to May. And, with summer being the busiest season in the city, visiting in the spring allows you to beat the rush of tourists clambering to attend festivals.

Edinburgh is known for its abundance of blossoms during the spring season. If youre looking to bask in the citys flora, consider visiting the Meadows and taking a moment to admire the pink blossoms on the tree-lined paths. You can also visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and take in the different plants and flowers.

If youre fully vaccinated, you will not need to isolate once arriving in Scotland. However, if you’re not, you’ll need to provide a negative test before departing and take other steps to ensure your safety. For everything you need to know about their travel requirements, visit their government website.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailands low cost of living and vibrant culture make it a popular destination for families and people looking for a full-fledged vacation without breaking the bank. 

Phuket offers a plethora of fun and enriching experiences. Whether youre a party animal, a foodie, or a budding historian, Phuket has something in store for you. 

Phuket is one of the most popular places in the world to scuba dive. You can sign up for a day trip from the mainland to Phi Phi Island, no matter your experience level, and experience a rich ecosystem of fish and coral.

Seeking a thrill? Hanuman World is an adventure park that offers zip-lining, obstacle courses, and sky bridges. Fly 40 meters above the jungle and take in the breathtaking views. 

Phuket is also known for its vast night markets. If youd like to experience some of the freshest and most exotic foods the world has to offer for a very reasonable price, youre in luck. Your tastebuds will never forget the unique flavors and hospitality Thailand has to offer.

Youre completely free to travel to Thailand right now, but the pandemic has caused the nation to take a few heavy precautions. This includes having to pay for and stay in government-approved hotels on the first and fifth day of your trip if youre vaccinated, but there is no quarantine required. 

If youre not fully vaccinated, youll need to quarantine for 10 days. If you dont mind the process, your trip will be more than worth it.

Nassau, The Bahamas

When you hear the words The Bahamas,” you probably think of pristine sandy beaches, palm trees, cheap drinks, and friendly locals — and youd be right. But these are only some of the things that make the Bahamas one of the best vacation destinations.

Home to 700 islands and thousands of beaches, the Bahamas offer endless chances to experience something new. Nassau is a convenient vacation spot that allows you to experience a bit of everything the islands have to offer.

Visit the Nassau Straw Market to buy souvenirs and admire the craftsmanship of the locals. Learn about pirates and the British rule by visiting the forts of Nassau — and then visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum. 

Are you a foodie? If so, eat like a local at Arawak Cay and try the Bahamasnational dish — Conch. Wash down your meal with a drink at Pirate Republic Brewery, one of the Caribbeans best breweries. If you have a sweet tooth, try a fresh slice of rum cake.

If youre an animal lover, youll be happy to hear that the Bahamas offers several excursions focused on letting you interact with animals. Whether youre swimming with dolphins (or with pigs!), youll be charmed by their inquisitive and curious nature.

Fully vaccinated travelers are allowed to take a rapid antigen test before entry. Non-vaccinated travelers are required to take a Covid test within 3 days of their departure from their native country. 

Ready to Make the Most of Your Spring Break?

Now is the time to treat you and your family to an unforgettable trip. Come together and make meaningful memories that can help you make the most of your spring break.

Whether you’re enjoying the brisk, refreshing breeze of Anchorage or fresh conch in the Bahamas, these destinations won’t let you down. They’re packed with fulfilling, enriching experiences you and your family will cherish.

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